Thursday, October 20, 2011

Expander coming out YAYAYAYAY

Hi Everyone

Its been a while since my last post, I have had lots going on and its been pretty quite on the braces front. But I am so excited that I will be getting my expander taken out and braces on tomorrow. I cannot be happier as it is earlier than I expected. I was hoping before Christmas as he said 6 to 9 months and its been 7 months now so all is travelling well.
My bite has definitely changed and has come closer together, I have a few more teeth touching. My ortho said the braces will bring it in so much more which I am excited about. This is my 3rd set of braces so im not really bothered about getting them, just happy I get rid of this horrid expander.
I do find these anchorages plates annoying though and they sometimes get quite sore. I think it makes it worse that I sleep on my side with my hand on my face, probably squashing them against my cheek all night. They have been infected a couple of times too.

But in other exciting news and one of the reasons I have been pre occupied is because IM PREGNANT! I am 22 weeks pregnant and very very excited to be having my first baby :)  They say being pregnant makes your teeth move a lot faster and I think it has definitely helped. One of the ortho's I saw for a consultation actually told me that having an expander in my mouth would help with fertility and that I would fall pregnant straight away - well she was spot on - first month. Apparently there is a fertility trigger point in the roof of your mouth. So if it really did contribute then it has been worth the 7 months of annoyance :)

Anyway, I hope everyone's treatment is going well. I will post a photo of my new bite soon.......

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    I have just come across your blog as I have just recently gone through SARPE myself (exactly one week ago now). It has been really helpful to read as I feel you have gone though very similar things to me from what I have read. I noticed your blog goes to Oct 2011, just wondering how it all went?